We are known for producing only premium juice made with high-quality ingredients sourced from the most fertile agricultural land in the county; Lancaster County Pennsylvania. With so many other juice companies out there, it is important to know what differentiates us and makes our product that much better.

When it comes to juice, "one size does not fit all". We offer two different lines to meet the needs of our customers. They are both produced in the same manner using the same ingredients on the same equipment with the same people. All of our blends are the result of our process that retains as much of the original ingredients' nutrients as possible. All of our juice is cold-pressed (never heated), filtered, and bottled in our commercial kitchen, and contains no additives or preservatives of any kind.

    • HPP is the "flavor forward", convenience-focused side of our brand that is determined to deliver fruit and vegetable juices that simply taste great. These culinary-inspired blends are designed to highlight our signature ability to create extremely innovative, unique and well-balanced formulas that appeal to a wider (universal) range of palates.
      • 100% RAW is the unpasteurized brand that has been specifically developed to provide maximum nutrient and enzyme density. These live blends retain as much of the original ingredients’ critical elements as possible, which are quickly and easily metabolized then absorbed by the body. This line of juice is ideal for meal replacement, routine detoxification, restricted dietary requirements, or just part of a daily health regimen.


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    100% Juice YES No
    Made from Fresh Produce YES No
    Contains Pounds of Fruits and Veggies YES No
    Not from Concentrate YES Some
    Cold-Pressed YES No
    Never Heat Treated YES No
    Active Enzymes YES No
    Non-GMO YES Some
    No Artificial Ingredients YES Some
    No Additives YES Some
    No Preservatives YES Some
    Gluten Free YES Some
    Vegan YES Some
    Locally Sourced YES No
    Best Recipes and Blends YES No



    All of our ingredients are fresh, with the majority being naturally grown or organic
    and locally sourced as possible from farms and growers right here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.



    NOTICE: We offer both HPP (high-pressure processed) and 100% RAW juice. Our raw juice has NOT been pasteurized and therefore may contain bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.