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Historic Hemp Powerhouse

Lancaster County has many farmers trying the crop

The chance to grow industrial hemp is getting a lot of attention here, with Lancaster claiming far more permits than any other Pennsylvania county. This is the first year since 1937 that the crop can be legally grown commercially in Pennsylvania, and the state Department of Agriculture reported issuing 323 permits covering 812 farms statewide. Of those, Lancaster got 55 permits covering 180 farms. Read More

Susquehanna Style

From the ground up

Creating mouthwatering juice combinations involves a lot more than just the proper ratio of apple to kale. When the company is ríjuice, a Lancaster-based juice company committed to using the area’s most delicious and healthy produce, the ante is upped with a flavor profile exploding by way of local organic goodness.  Read More

The Town Dish

Lancaster’s ríjuice reaches three-year anniversary

RIJUICE is celebrating its third year in a business that aims to educate and inspire people to get healthy in a natural way. This cold-pressed juice company from Lancaster, PA, continues to grow beyond Lancaster and has recently partnered with Saxbys Coffee in Philadelphia. We talked to rijuice’s Cullen Farrell about the origins of the company, the rijuice process and local collaborations.  Read More

Lancaster Online

RIJUICE cold-pressed juice born of Lancaster County produce, desire to share healthy lifestyle

In a freezing-cold industrial kitchen space on a recent morning, several men wearing coats and ski hats under their white coats and masks, are turning large trays of fruits and vegetables — carrots, apples, lemons, kale, celery — into bottles of green, yellow and orange juice.  Read More

Fly After 5

Rethink, rijuice, refresh, repeat

RIJUICE – the Lancaster-based organic cold-pressed juice company – can turn even the most clueless cocktail maker into a clever-looking mixologist. Purchase a few bottles of juice from the new stand at Central Market, Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar, Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill and many other outlets, and you’ll immediately be blending flavors that probably never occurred to you to use in your cocktail.  Read More

Central Penn Business Journal

Cold-pressed juice company grows in Lancaster County

Infatuated with the food culture in his native Lancaster County, Cullen Farrell felt more could be done to pay homage to the vegetable side of the county's agriculture, instead of the usual focus on food from cows, pigs and other livestock.  Read More

Wine & Craft Beverage News

Life in a bottle

Co-founders of ríjuice in Lancaster, PA, Farrell and Ober are enjoying success with a product they developed with a healthy mix of a dream and passion in the basement of a local bar three years ago. The first juice was a blend of apple, lemon and ginger, which is still popular today as Sunshine Daydream.  Read More