If you feel hungry or tired during your juice cleanse, reach for a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon. There is no limit to the amount of water you are allowed to drink during your cleanse. If you still feel hungry have a cup of broth (vegetable, chicken or beef). You can also have a glass of almond or coconut milk.

Heavy exercise is NOT recommended during a juice cleanse. Light exercise like walking and jogging is recommended. Keep in mind that each juice contains 200-225 calories; a diet containing 2,000 or more calories is recommended for individuals who engage in a strenuous exercise schedule such as CrossFit, cross country running and biking, Iron Man competitions, and college athletics.

You will likely experience some form of discomfort during your cleanse such as hunger, digestive tract abnormalities (you may be making a few more trips to the restroom in the first two days) and changes in energy levels. This is all normal and is simply your body adjusting to a juice diet. Once your body gets used to our juice, it will reset itself. This typically occurs around the 72-hour mark of a juice cleanse. If you adhere to our pre-cleanse instructions very closely, adjusting to these changes will likely seem less challenging.




The schedules below are just a guide for mapping out your cleanse strategy. Whenever you decide to begin, drink your 6 bottles per day in 2-hour increments to maximize the benefits and effectiveness of each.

Classic Going Green Combo
Early AM Water with Lemon Water with Lemon Water with Lemon
9AM Orange or Red Orange or Red Almond Milk
11AM Green Green Orange or Red
1PM Orange or Red Green Tomato Basil
3PM Green Orange or Red Green
5PM Orange or Red Green Black Bean
7PM Green Green Orange or Red