Hemp Q&A

Isn’t hemp the same thing as marijuana?

Hemp is not Marijuana. Both species of the plant are within the Cannabis family, however, Hemp (Cannabis sativa L. and derivatives) contains a very low concentration of THC (0.3% or less). Hemp does not have psychoactive effects like those found in Marijuana.

What is hemp anyway?

The hemp plant is a stout, aromatic, erect annual herb that has been grown for centuries and is referred to as “The plant of the thousand and one molecules”. Hemp originated in Central Asia. It was originally cultivated for fiber in China as early as 2800 BCE, spreading throughout the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages, and then later in North America.

Is industrial hemp illegal?

No, the Farm Bill passed in 2018 made industrial hemp legal. Subsequently, the Department of Agriculture declared it legal as well. Even the USDA created a farm program to encourage hemp production. RIJUICE was one of the first to apply for and be granted approval to cultivate, process, and produce hemp products in the state of Pennsylvania.

What about the FDA regulations?

The Federal Drug Administration reaffirmed its guidance in the FD&C Act that it is illegal to introduce food or beverages containing added CBD into interstate commerce, or to market them as dietary supplements, regardless if hemp-derived. CBD is an active ingredient in FDA-approved drugs and are the subject of substantial clinical investigations before being marketed as foods or dietary supplements.

Won’t it show up on a drug test?

No, hemp (Cannabis sativa L. and derivatives) stains contains extremely low concentration of THC (0.3% or less), which is the compound screened for along with other illegal drugs in typical drug tests. Again, hemp is not marijuana.


RIJUICE Hemp Infusions


Hemp Infusions are a unique premium sparkling beverage, made with the only true water-soluble hemp extract providing an entirely natural, whole-plant experience. All of the beneficial elements of the hemp plant is infused with a delicate combination of locally grown herbs, L-Theanine, and fresh-pressed juices to craft a completely natural beverage that serves to refresh, revitalize, and relax you.

    • 100% bio available, full-plant extract
    • Fresh, cold-pressed juice
    • Natural teas and botanicals
    • Locally sourced ingredients
    • No added sugar or sweeteners
    • Vegan and non-GMO ingredients
    • 60 calories or less per bottle
    • Real color and nothing artificial added

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HPLC & Analytical Results

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